LA state of mind

In a few days I will be traveling to my favorite
 city in the world: Los Angeles!!!
LA was my first  US experience back in 2005 and 
that’s the main reason  why it has a special 
place in my heart.

I’ve been in love with the US forever. 
Since I was little I always dreamed about going there.
As a child my perception of the world 
was how you would see it on TV which were
American movies and series. I know better now of course!
But then, when I was actually standing in Hollywood
it felt like I was in a movie hahaha like 
this picture below:

The second thing which made that trip special was
how it became to be.
During my lunch break at the airport (I was a ground
stewardess back then) I was talking to my colleagues 
about wanting to do something new and exciting like traveling to LA. 
(I had never traveled long distance before).
I was 24 and felt the need to grow in my life experiences. 
Then my colleague (at the time) Saskia  said without a doubt:
” I would go with you in a heartbeat “ . 6 weeks later
we find ourselves on a flight to LA! The funny thing 
is we weren’t  ‘friends’  outside of work
 so during the flight we told each other our life 
stories and with all our memories together in LA we
now have a very special bond.

 Here we were dining at Shabu Shabu in Highland Mall. 
And this picture still makes me laugh!
A tramp asked us if we wanted a picture together so we said
Afterwords he asked for some pocket change and 
we were more than happy to give him some.
After he left we saw the result on the camera
for what we had “paid” for and it just made us laugh hahaha.
 I love this sultry chill vibe going on in LA like in this picture… 

                   Back to this upcoming trip, it’s going to be extra special. 
It’s a gift to myself :). 
I have been going  through a roller-coaster of events
 in a short amount of time, and one can only deal
with so much at a time. My world was falling apart…..
I couldn’t sleep anymore, I had this emotional pain in my 
shoulder (like R.S.I.), I wasn’t depressive nor
 happy either…. I felt kinda lost and couldn’t function in
 the real world so I took a break from everything.
 During that break I unexpectedly found out what  
it is I would like to do in life:

~Becoming a Make-up Artist! (MUA)~

Through youtube I met an American MUA who inspired me so 
much in chasing my dream. I’ve always loved Make-up and 
the world of beauty  and suddenly  it became 
clear to me that Make-up is what I want
to do on a professional level. 
Thanks to her I began to feel  sparkles again inside 
and I am so happy now to have  found my true 
 goal in life. So I just had to meet her!
(If you want to know who that person is 
then follow this Blog!)

Yes,  this trip is all about taking the  first step of my dream
and leaving the past in the past…

Are you in love with LA or the States as I am?
Then stay tuned for more as I intend to Blog more about the US
and other American things, brands and products I like!


A penny for your thoughts :)

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