A New Beginning

This trip to Los Angeles has been super special to me.
Not only because of the Glaminar and meeting Kandee Johnson.
Also because  this past year I’ve learned
a lot about who I am and what kind of person I want to be and
there is just no time like the present, with this trip I motivated myself

to always focus on the good things and following my dreams!

Now, let me show you some great spots I’ve visited:
At  The Grove
I felt like a child again in here! It’s so cute and this place gives you
a Disneyland feeling. I saw this mall once in Mtv’s show The Hills
and I just had to come visit!
Then Venice Beach and Santa Monica
 Santa Monica is definitely one of my favorite areas in LA:  for shopping
on third street promenade, dine and to walk on the beach.
Speaking of the beach, I took a moment there to remember
my dad who died only 4 weeks before this trip.
I wrote “I love LA” in the sand which gave
me the idea to write down his name a take
a picture…..this really helped me process his death.
One of the last things I got to tell him is this
new path I’m taking in life with Make-Up and that
I’ve learned so much about life and that I’m doing really well now.
I miss my dad like crazy and I consider myself too
young to be  without  a father but I won’t let this ruin my dream.
Instead I’m encouraged to really make my dream come true and I know he
is with me every step of the way 🙂
I took some sand back home with me…
I truly came back a new woman with fresh energy
new friends and most important with the past behind me 🙂

A penny for your thoughts :)

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