Ben Nye cream blush + Eyeshadow Review

Since a few days I am the proud owner of 2 Ben Nye products: eyeshadow and cream blush.

I came across this brand on youtube and it got my attention because it’s  a make-up brand  for the movie and theatrical industry.

I went to “Backstage”, a Make-up artists supply store here in Amsterdam, to buy a cream blush but ended up buying 6!! 

All in one wheel which I didn’t know existed. It’s called the Creme Rouge Wheel CR-100.

So far I’m loving it. Ideal if you’re a MUA to have 6 shades in one container.

It blends really well giving a vibrant shade using very little product. (50-200 applications)

Take a look at the pictures below:

Six very usable colours for every skin tone I’d say. Even if you’re not a MUA it’s still a good investment: 36,- Euro.
Here is the ingredient list should u be interested
On to product number 2:
A pressed color palette. It’s a magnetized refillable paperboard case  (400-800 applications).

This one is called Theatrical Eyeshadow Palette in ESP-914.

Click here to see where I got this!

As you can see the 4 colours above in the palette are quite light which I find perfect to use for my current job. I work for an airline and  decent make-up is more suitable.
Also the application goes on so smoothly that I can put it on very fast before going to work early (6 o’clock).
It’s very pigmented and it stays on very long.
Ben Nye is definitely one of my favorite American Brands and I’m so happy that I can get it  in Amsterdam.
For information and product catalog click here

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