"Sabroso" Birthday’s

A few weeks ago a friend of mine placed a link on my Facebook page with the following comment:

“I hold you responsible for this!” He meant it in a good way ;).

Through this link I was so happy to find out that another friend of mine (his girlfriend actually) had started her own company in making cocktails at parties!

So here is the story about how I am partially responsible, haha:

Her name is Cissy and we met for the first time at a get together of mutual friends where  she was  providing us with the drinks. Not just any kind of drinks, but serious cocktails!

Cissy and the guy who holds me “responsible”

I was stunned. All the equipment was there: ice, fruit, juices, shaker, mixer and of course, the most important ingredient: alcohol. I was truly amazed by her professionalism. She told me that she started making cocktails as a hobby because they looked pretty and tasted so good and they were fun to make. Her friends had given her some equipment and bottles of alcohol for her birthday and so the story began…

My first cocktail by Cissy ~ 2009
Moths later (this was in 2009) when my birthday was coming up I dared to ask her if she would host my party and provide it with cocktails. I wanted something special for my guests and this looked like it could be fun.
It turned out to be a huge success, a big breakthrough! Although she had done this as a favor and her own fun, people were  asking for her business cards and even wanted  to book her for their own parties! She was overwhelmed by all the comments and reactions.
Cissy in Action
Last year she agreed to do it again and this time I had a American theme going on:
“Be a Celebrity”. Everyone had to dress up like a “Hollywood” Celebrity and we took pictures on a red carpet like at the Oscars. The cocktails gave the evening a “Sex and the City vibe” as one of them was the Cosmopolitan.
Holding the famous Cissy/Sabroso Cocktail
Cissy did a wonderful job. For her, it’s like an art, because of the color combinations, the layers and decorations. You can really see and taste her passion in them. It’s also nice that you can actually enjoy your own party instead of being busy as a host. Cocktails remind her of summer holidays, relaxation and joy. Wouldn’t you want  all that at your Birthday (or any other) party? Well, now you can! Luckily for you she has decided to take her hobby to the next level and start her own company:

You can see here all the details.
Through this blog I would like to thank her for her important contribution in what became  two amazing and vivid (stress free) birthday parties. As well as being excellent at making cocktails she is also a very sweet and a very colorful happy person :).


Click here to see us in action with Sabroso Cocktails!

A penny for your thoughts :)

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