My YouTube Guru’s

What a great invention. Absolutely love it.

In the past year I have found tons of life changing tutorials in my area of interest: Make-Up.
If you don’t want to become MakeUp Artist but you do want to know how to do a smokey eye, YouTube is the place as it is for many other ‘How-to’s’.

I’ve noticed here in The Netherlands (among my family, friends and acquaintances) that people don’t use it much as a tool to help them with makeup questions.
Now I’m telling you this in regards of makeup but you can learn stuff about EVERYTHING on YouTube.
For example I’ve learned some things about Photoshop and Hair styles too.
What I mostly like is, whether they are made by a professional or not, that the tutorials are easy to understand. It’s like Jamie Oliver who makes cooking easy for the non-cooks/normal people.

So I want to share with you the channels by the 4 YouTube Guru’s I mostly watch and which I find really worth it to subscribe to.

1) Kandee Johnson, of course 😉

2) EnkoreMakeup

3) Gossmakeupartist

And last but not least a hair tutorial by Ilovegerardo
I started my own channel too but I don’t have a proper camera and setting so unfortunately I’m not very active yet on youtube.

A penny for your thoughts :)

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