Un-boxing my Züca Bag! (Photo-tour)

Hooray for me!!! I saved up some money and today I finally was able to buy a Züca Bag. They serve many purposes and I bought mine for my future job as a make up artist.

~ Read here all about the Züca bags ~

I bought it at the MAC PRO store in Amsterdam. As far as I know it’s the only store where I can get it. I did find  2 persons/websites who also sell some of them but I didn’t get any response  to my e-mails and half of the bags weren’t in stock :(, so I decided to just get the one at  MAC. (I wanted to explain how difficult it is to get one here in Europe but that doesn’t make sense since  I just went to the store, paid for it and left the store with the bag hahahah, but still I can not just get any colour or frame etc).
My intention was to buy the Züca Pro (the mac one is a sports version) because it’s hand luggage size for airplanes and I travel a lot. But with all the fluids it would not  be possible to carry it on and it also would be to heavy (I work in Aviation, so I know). I’m not saying it’s impossible though, depending on how you pack and the airline regulation you travel with.

So wanna see it :D???? I could have made a video but since photography is more my thing here’s my photo-tour:

It has 2 sets of wheels to easily climb up stairs and the wheels flash!
It comes with 4 pouches (you can buy more):
The bag empty:
It also comes with a cover 🙂
This is what I carry inside (note: I don’t have a full range of mua products yet)
The four pouches and my makeup belt and extra bags:
Here you can see the size next to my normal check in bag:
And you can even sit on it!!
(I put on sunglasses because I have a very tired face 2day)
I’m extremely happy with my new american goodie and I can’t wait to go to class with it saturday!

7 thoughts on “Un-boxing my Züca Bag! (Photo-tour)

  1. I love it! I’m a makeup artist for Disney and we used Mac, and bag like that. I like the bags, I always want one for my self! I used them at work and they are great!

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