The Makeup Show – Berlin 2011 17 & 18 Sep

So I finished Makeup School and I’m now waiting for the results of my exams but in the mean time I got something really cool to share.

In about 12 days I’m gonna hop on to a plane to go to Berlin for
“THE MAKEUP SHOW” – EUROPE *insert happy dance here*
I did not hesitate a second to buy my tickets for this. It’s the largest makeup event in New York and they are coming to Europe for the first time now and Berlin is an excellent choice for that.
It has a vibe that no other city compares to in Europe.
There’s an incredible night scene, Techno music was born at the same time, more or less, in both America (Detroit Techno) and Germany (Minimal Techno) and a lot of American DJ’s even moved to Berlin. They have a leading club scene in Europe and not only because of the DJ’s, the architecture is quite amazing as well.
Fashion!!! Shopping for clothes is something that I’ve always preferred to do  abroad and it really astonished me to see the number of shops and brands that I’d never seen before so I give Berlin a big thumbs up.
All this combined makes perfect sense that TMS kicks off in Berlin for Europe.
Back to makeup talk, The Makeup Show is a PRO-only event for the makeup industry. It has so much to offer: workshops, seminars, pro-driven companies that present their newest products and great discounts off course to fill your make up kit.  These are just some of the brands that will be there: Inglot, Makeup Forever, Crown Brushes, Zuca, Tepmtu, Kryolan. Need I say more??? And that’s not all, Koren Zander from Enkore Makeup is going to be there too!!! Artists from all over the world are coming and that way you can experience makeup from different angles.
Here’s a video made by one of my Glam sisters and fellow mua Chelsea Foglio about TMS (LA) and it gives such a cool impression:
Check out their website for info and tickets:
I can’t wait to report back to you guys!
Ok so off to prepare my shopping list!
Have a great sunday,

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