Makeup Artist Tanimara Loupatty
Photographer Salvador Pozo
Model Felicia Rook

It was a summers day in august 2010 when, inspired by MUA Kandee Johnson, I found the right course in life for me: Make-up. Now one year later I have made my dream come true. Ever since I felt that sparkle come alive inside of me I followed it without looking forward, enjoying it to the fullest, taking it day by day.
I feel so happy to have developed this creative side of me, which I didn’t know I had.
Now I’m ready to explore this new world further and keep learning but most importantly:
I’m enjoying it today and do not worry about what tomorrow will bring me 🙂
I’m gonna leave you guys with the message from Kandee that really pushed me into following my dream and I hope it will help you too, should you feel you need that extra push 🙂


A penny for your thoughts :)

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