A Clean Makeup Start

HAPPY 2012!!!!
And let’s start this year off with clean makeup!
Sanitizing is SO important and in my opinion everybody from Professionals to everyday makeup users should do that.
Clean Brushes = Clean Makeup = Clean Skin
At Kandee Johnson’s last Glaminar I learned about this brand called Beauty So Clean. They have a spray which removes bacteria in your eyeshadows, cream products, powders etc.
Wow, this is why I love America so much, it’s full of handy stuff!
Last September at The Makeup Show Berlin I bought a Beauty So Clean package containing:
-Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist (+travel size)
-Conditioning Brush Cleanser
-Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes
The stand where I bought it

Now instead of buying products double for my kit and personal use I can sanitize it and not worry about bacteria.
Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Take a look at these scans I made of their information folder:
Yikes, I’ve never tested makeup in drugstores ever again.
We all keep putting lipgloss on our lips all day long, after eating etc, without really cleaning our mouth first. Just wiping it off with a tissue does not count. We put lipgloss on and the sponge goes back into  the tube with all the bread crumbs. Need I say more.
With the wipes you can sanitize the sponge first:
With these products your makeup will last longer and it’s better for your skin too.
As a Makeup Artist you will look professional cleaning your makeup in front of the client.
The existence of handy stuff like this makes me happy but it makes me even happier when I can just buy it in the Netherlands.
My friend Monique sells this in her shop, so go and be clean!

A penny for your thoughts :)

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