Foundation struggles

I think most women find this a difficult makeup item to deal with.
What colour, brand or formula should I choose???
I myself went through the jungle of foundation before getting into makeup and ended up buying 5 different shades, all incorrect.
My advice really comes down to buying one of a Makeup Artist brand which are accessible to everybody.
Before I explain why, there are few things you need to understand about foundation and I´m going to try to simplify it for you!
1.Why do we use foundation?

To even out the skin tone, to cover redness, spots. Most people think that foundation should make you look tanned or darker, this is not the case. It must match your own skin color (with your neck so that the whole picture looks even) in order to look natural.  Sometimes foundation doesn’t cover completely certain spots. That´s where concealer comes in as it has a thicker formula. (you can use your regular concealer for the eye area but if that doesn´t work for you there are ´under eye concealers´ as well)

2.What colour should I use? 
The answer to this is knowing which colour undertone your skin has. Not all caucasian women can use the same shade. We all have our own mix of tones in our skin.
Yellow based foundation is the most commonly used as it covers redness and or a pink undertone.
3. What kind of foundation should I use? 

This depends on the needs of your skin or how much coverage you want.  For example a cream foundation has a thicker formula and gives more coverage than a liquid one. You also need to take into account what type of moisturizer are you using. They both need to have the same base: oil or water. An oil based foundation won’t  ´adhere´ well when using a water based moisturizer as oil and water are not compatible.

 So by reading points 2 & 3 you can already imagine why you need help from a professional. For the record I´m not implying drugstore brands aren’t good. If you’re happy with it don’t change!

The thing is that the lighting is  usually  bad  in drugstores and there’s no ´help´ around which makes it  difficult to get the perfect shade. Also the choice of shades are quite common and must reach a wide range of people, which isn’t a bad thing but we aren’t all the same. A Makeup Artist brand has a much wider range of shades, because we need to be able to apply it on everybody! So there you are more likely to find your perfect match 🙂

This is my dear friend Saskia who has modeling  for me during the makeup course.

Here you can see what a huge difference using a little foundation does.

In my opinion foundation is a beautiful product and really essential to make your makeup look come out best.

This is after I applied concealer and powder as well and she still looks natural.
4. How to apply foundation? 
There are many ways and all of them good. You can use your fingers, a sponge or a brush. With the warmth of your fingers you can blend it out fast and easy. But sometimes I don´t feel like making my hands dirty and then I´ll use a sponge. With a brush you get ´strokes´ so you’ll need to remove those.
Tip: one pump out your liquid foundation should be enough to cover the whole face. Of course you can add more according to your personal needs.
Personally my favourite method is with the beauty blender.
5. Is it bad for my skin?
Unless you’re allergic to the ingredients or have very sensitive skin, you should not experience any skin problems by using foundation. Even without using makeup at the end of the day our skin will be full of dirt which should be removed. This is a very important aspect as you are more likely to have bad skin by not cleansing properly and not by using makeup.
I hope you’ll find this useful, you’ll be surprised to find out that the prices of Makeup Artist brands (for example Inglot, Makeup Store) aren’t that expensive in comparison  with drugstore  brands and can be even cheaper than high end brands like Dior and Chanel.

A penny for your thoughts :)

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