No, I don’t obsess over walking around naked, but I am obsessed with these palettes.
When I got the original Naked Palette I did not blog about it as the whole world had done so already. But with Naked Palette 2 I could not resist……
There’s something about these palettes that just makes you want to have them and show them off to the world.
I first laid eyes on Naked Palette 1 in a Kandee Johnson’s makeup tutorial and I just wanted  to grab it through my computer screen! From that moment on it took me 9 moths to get it. Unbelievable, that was Epic!!! I’ve never seen a product sell out so fast and so often.
Let me not forget to state that the quality  of Urban Decay eyeshadows is amazing. Pigmentation is great and the blendability even greater!
Here is Naked Palette 1:

Unfortunately not all these shades are compatible with my olive skin tone. The colors: Virgin, Sin, Toasted, Creep and Gunmetal make me look pale.
When Urban Decay announced The Naked Palette 2 my heart skipped a beat and I knew I wanted to have it. This time around it only took me 1 phone call. As soon as they came in I called and ran to the store!

I’m having a hard time explaining why but to me these palettes just scream Buy Me.
Though they are both ‘neutral’  palettes, number 2 is a warmer version and it includes 5 new shades exclusively for this palette:
 To me they are like ‘collector items’. I also love how ‘photogenic’ they are but I will spare you the 200 shots I took ;).
Quality: they both have several finishes as mat, shimmer and glitter, which is good to create extra dimension. With some eyeshadows you can experience fallout (pigment falling on your cheeks)
Price: very good I say, 36,-euros for 12 shades and 1.3grams each.  12 Mac eyeshadows would cost you 180,-euros.
Tip: Use an eyeshadow primer so that the colors won’t ‘slide off’  and to show the real color pigment.
Extra’s: Naked original palette comes with a small version of Urban decay’s Primer Potion and an eyeshadow brush. Naked 2 comes with a lipgloss and a double-ended brush for eyeshadow and blending.
Where to buy?
Here in the Netherlands you can find them at some Sephora’s (in V&D).
I did not make swatches because these are all over the internet already. Just google and be amazed!
What I did do is make a video, but different from most you will find on youtube:
Consider yourself warned: once you lay eyes on them you’re hooked and you are going to want have these babies no matter what!

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