Chilling in the Park

Yesterday the first warm sun ray’s hit Amsterdam. So I grabbed my iPod and went to VondelPark on my Dutch bike.
It’s my favorite place in the city together with Brandmeester coffee.

Chilling in a park with a good Latte for me is the ultimate way to relax. And it’s such an easy way.
I was in a Mindfulness course a year ago and we had to do the following exercise: the person next to me had to ask me “How do you relax?” over the course of 3 minutes. She was a mother of 2 kids, married, and had a busy job.

One of my answers was: “chilling in the park with a Latte”.
I will never forget how thankful she was for this example of relaxation I gave her. Apparently not everyone knows how to find relaxation for them selves.
I sat in the park a few hours enjoying the sun and listening to the girl next to me singing while she played the guitar.
~Photo from the web~
I wear an SPF on my face 365 days a year. The ‘power’ of  UV A/B ray’s are so underestimated by people. While UVB is the ‘tanning ray’ and is most strong during summer, UVA radiates the whole year and even through glass! So trust me, start protecting now and you will thank me later ;). There are many ways to include an SPF in your beauty routine. It can be in your moisturizer, primer, foundation or powder so NO excuses there ladies!

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