Traveling with my Züca

 Zuca bag 17
 I love, love, loooooove my Züca bag.
 U can use it on your weekend travels too which makes it a
 multi purpose bag and a really good investment!
Let me show u how!

A few weeks a go I had a family reunion at my grandparents house and my grandmother wanted me to do her make-up, so this is what I packed:
Starting form the bottom:
-My outfit for the next day
-Make up case
-Toilet bag
-Extra toilet bag with brushes etc.
This was for just one night but there’s enough room for an extra outfit!
What I love about traveling with this bag is that your make -up and toilet bag lay flat so your foundation and other fluids stay put at all times.
Even when I’m not traveling with this bag I do pack my make up in their pouch because you can fit so much in it!
Click here to see a complete Züca bag photo tour!
Too bad I can’t take it as hand luggage, for that you need their PRO version and this is the Sports version.
Happy Sunday everyone!

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