Happy Birthday Gaby!

I dedicate this blog post to my little sister because it’s her birthday, Yay!

(We don’t have the same father, hence our color difference)
Gaby I love you and  I’m super proud of you!

OH MY, she has grown so fast. As a toddler she was the cutest little thing:

She always makes me laugh, as a kid she was quite theatrical too.
Today as a teenager she’s funny, smart and artistic and really has her own personality.
Last summer she made me a T-shirt and funny enough it has become quite a hype here in Holland.
Wanna see?

The idea came from the fact that I´m a USA fan and she put the tittle of my blog above :).

So it’s not her actual T-shirt that became famous but  I see a lot of USA T-shirts and scarfs like in the picture below lately  (Oh I must get me a scarf!!!)  but I´m so proud to have an original ¨GABZ¨ 🙂

From the web
Thank you Gabz! Never change who you are because you have a wonderful spirit. Always follow your heart and dreams because:
“Dreams are like stars, if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny”


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