How-to: a proper skincare regime

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Just the other day a friend of mine asked me to help her search for a foundation, so we went beauty shopping!  As we  were browsing through the different options (creams, liquid and powder) she mentioned she wanted a powder version because her shiny skin. Her saying that surprised me, so the conversation went on as followed:

Me: ¨But I don´t see any shine¨

Her: ¨that´s because I´ve used some talc powder as my moisturizer is very oily¨

Me: ¨and why do you use an oily moisturizer?¨

Her: ¨Because my skin feels very tight after cleansing¨

This is a mistake I myself have committed for  a long time too. I always thought my skin felt tight because of  it´s type. I was so wrong.  The thing is that there are cleansers out there that not only strip off the greasiness and dirt of your skin, but also  your natural oils, leaving your skin feeling tight and possibly creating other skin problems. Ever thought about that?

Understanding your skin’s needs is the first step to better looking skin/makeup. I always advise my friends to make an appointment with a skincare expert to learn about their skin. Once you understand it, it’s easier to  make good choices in  regards of which products to buy.

I´m not a skin specialist or dermatologist but I am a make up artist and knowing about a skincare routine becomes part of the job. A healthy and flawless complexion is the best base for  a beautiful make up look. My own skin type  is a combination of oily and dehydrated  and my skin condition is acne prone, therefore  I’m always looking out on how to control my skin.

Are u happy about your skin condition? Is it really as healthy as it could be? I can not tell you which products or brands  you should use as this is different for everybody. However I can tell you how your cleansing regime more or less should be like:

Cleansing at night

  1. Remove your makeup.  Even when you are not wearing any as there is always dirt that accumulates on your skin. Consider using an oil based “pre-cleansing” product even if your skin type is oily! This is based on the fact that oil dissolves oil and therefore removes dirt and sebum very effectively.

  2. Then start cleansing your face and give it a good minute to thoroughly clean out your pores. Always use tepid water and finish with cold water. That way your skin won´t dry out as much.

  3. Use a toner. This removes cleansing residue, gently exfoliates and prepares the skin for moisturizer application.

  4. Apply eye cream and your night moisturizer. Your skin repairs itself  while you sleep, (hence the name beauty sleep) and therefore needs nourishing. Definitely consider this after 30!! The skin needs more help then to maintain it’s elasticity.

Between points 2 and 3 u can choose an extra step like exfoliation or a mask.

Cleansing in the morning

Do you even consider this? Think about it: one does not wake up with a clean and fresh face… as it has been working on repairing, it also has produced sebum and this needs to be removed to start fresh. (and how clean is your pillow?)

So, this part is easy as u can add it to  your shower routine.

  1. Cleanse your face with your normal cleanser.

  2. Use a toner.

  3. Moisturize. Preferably with an SPF even in winter when you see no sun. The damaging aging  UV ray’s are ALWAYS present.

Now, I notice there´s a lot of confusion  about exfoliation and scrubbing. They both remove dead skin cells but are different methods. Exfoliation is milder process (without any type of seeds, it dissolves the dead skin cells) and can be done on a daily basis.  Scrubbing (with seeds) is a bit more aggressive to the skin and not suitable on a daily basis. I would advise you to find out which method is best for your skin as it could be damaging. Keep in mind that after exfoliation using a sunscreen  is a must as your skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure.

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Removing dead skin cells is KEY to a flawless and dewy look otherwise known as radiant skin. Ever wonder why your man always has a healthy glow? Probably because exfoliation forms part of his daily shaving regime ;).

More importantly than having a cleansing regime is knowing which ingredients your skincare consists of. They should be non-irritating and non-comedogenic and actively improving your skin.

I hope this post was helpful to you.  Feel free to ask me questions and leave comments below!



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