On the hunt for perfection

Do you recognize this situation?

-You apply your foundation and you look amazing but a few hours  later your face  looks like you have been sun bathing too much. Your foundation went from being perfect to one or two shades darker or even orange.

What happens here is oxidation. The oils in the skin/moisturizer and foundation react with each other, discoloration being the result. Believe me, this is a pain in the ass problem. It can happen to every skin type but it does tend to happen mostly on oily skins (as yours truly).

I haven´t found the ultimate products or regime yet where this doesn´t occur but I will share with you the tricks that I use to minimize it:

1) I use an oil free moisturizer, let in absorb well into my skin and blot excess sebum with a tissue prior to foundation application.

2)After foundation application I blot again with a tissue.

3)I use the  no-colour powder by RCMA to set my make up.

The no-colour powder by RCMA is my BFF. It doesn’t contain colour pigment which is why  it will not alter the foundation shade. It seems whitish when first applied but that fades away and sets my makeup perfectly. As you can see it´s a loose powder, I’ve transferred some into a container to take with me on photo shoots. Unfortunately it’s not very handy to take with you in your purse…..I own MAC´s pressed Blot powder but it makes my skin break out (as do most powders 😦 on me). Instead I use blotting papers.

I remain on the hunt for the perfect combination of products on my skin.

What are yours?



4 thoughts on “On the hunt for perfection

  1. glad you like the R.C.M.A. Powder Tani! Have you tried pressing it into an empty pan to make it easier to take with you? I haven’t done this myself but I know there are lots of tutorials on youtube about it! maybe that would help 🙂 xx

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