“Das Ikea Auto”

I have wanted to share this Art thingy with the world ever since I first saw it. I have no idea why it’s there or who’s idea it was but I think it’s funny.

So may I present to you: “Das IKEA auto”  as I call it. “Das Auto”  means “The car” in German and the advertorial for Volkswagen said “Das Auto”. Then I added Ikea to it because of the construction package which reminds me of do-it-yourself packaging from Ikea. Catch my drift 😉 ?

Das Ikea Auto
Das Ikea Auto

Maybe you recognize this? That could very well be so as it is situated next to a road to Amsterdam coming from the airport.

Furthermore I’m proud to announce that my little sister has won the photo contest! Congratulations!! (see my previous blog post for details)

Have a nice weekend everyone, take a lot of pictures! Something that might seem stupid to capture could turn out great on ‘film’  or remind you later of a special moment :).



One thought on ““Das Ikea Auto”

  1. Reblogged this on luvsiesous and commented:
    Now this is a cute idea.

    Would anyone like to approach IKEA and see if they will sell ready to assemble cars?

    It reminds me of a model I got when I was a kid. One was enough to convince me I was not good at breaking apart all the little pieces and putting them together again.

    What about you? Are you a model builder?

    Would an IKEA car be your dream car?


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