Love and support for Kandee Johnson

Photography by Ian Ruther

If  you follow my blog you see the name Kandee Johnson appear a lot. That is because she has been a very important factor in my life in regards of changes.

She is going through a rough time and she deserves some love and support. 

I was at a point in my life where my world was crashing down on me and didn’t know how to keep going. At the time I would stay home a lot and watch feel good series as  The Hills, The City  and Laguna Beach. I became a fan of Lauren Conrad’s personality and I think she’s a beauty too.  Then, one day I stumbled upon a Lauren Conrad  makeup tutorial by Kandee and it was something I had never seen before.

The first time I did not even see her makeup art. What I saw was a sweet girl full of happiness and positiveness. Her bright spirit just beamed into my room. I was hooked. The second time I was hooked by her beauty and how she applied her makeup. But it wasn’t until I saw her video about how she encourages to follow your dreams that it hit me inside and just  new that makeup artistry was the path I wanted to follow.

She recently lost her dad (read her story here) so I commented on her blog to support her. Never would I have guessed that my comment would hit so many likes and that she would write a reply:

Also  other commenters replied to me,  apparently I’ve touched some souls with my love and support. Thank you all!!!

–When I do  makeup, I forget. I forget the past, the future and enjoy the present. I listened to my heart and followed my dream thanks to you Kandee.-

Big hug to you and keep on beaming your bright spirit!

Love and makeup,


A penny for your thoughts :)

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