Guide to cleaning your makeup brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is imperative to keep them in good condition and to prevent bacteria build up. Just because you don’t see it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. So by not cleaning them you are constantly transferring bacteria from the brush to your skin and makeup and vice versa. Ever wondered why you have that rash on your cheek?
Here are some important notes regarding to the brush cleansing routine:brushcleansing Collage

  1. Clean your brushes daily  with a brush cleaner. This to prevent bacteria build up and it keeps your shadows and powders cleaner too! When working on a client u should do it in between applications as well. Spray some on a paper kitchen towel and then swipe the brush gently over it.  TaniStates Favorite: MAC brush cleaner.
  2. Next step is deep cleansing them. You can deicide for yourself how often you need to do this depending on the usage.  Deep cleansing them would be with a gentle shampoo. I like to do a pre-cleanse with olive oil on my synthetic brushes to get all of the product out. This is based on the rule: oil dissolves oil. Spray some olive oil (when I saw this in the supermarket  I was like: It comes in spray?!) on a paper kitchen towel and then swipe gently over it and you will see miracles happen ;). Then proceed to washing them as you would normally do with a gentle shampoo.
  3. Never wet the ferrule!  If water gets in there  it will loosen up the glue and rotten the wood. Lay them down angled with the bristles facing downwards. This way the water won’t go into the ferrule and the bristles are able to  air dry.
  4. Optional: I like to dry my fluffy brushes with brush guards, that way the bristles stay in good shape.

I hope you find this useful!



~A special thank you to my colleague Knut who made the pictures for this info graphic/ photo collage.~

5 thoughts on “Guide to cleaning your makeup brushes

  1. I let mine dry over night so I won’t have to wait. I have not experienced a bad smell so far….Or you could do it just for the first hours only 🙂

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