How I let my hair Grow!

This is the hair cut people have known me with most of my life and exactly one year ago I decided to let my hair grow. I was getting really tired of my layered hair in terms of maintenance. Though this might look natural, it takes a good blow dry and a flat iron to get me this look. Otherwise I just have messy-curly-frizzy hair and no, it doesn’t look as cool as it sounds.  Another reason why I would always straighten it, was to let the air be able to run through my hair easily otherwise the curls would make a barrier around my neck area which always annoyed  me. Enough said, here’s my let your hair grow plan!

1. The first step was to not cut the top layers anymore as I want to have the same length in the back and only have layers in the front.

2. Feed your hair! Coconut and Argan oil do the trick for me. During the holidays I put coconut oil in my hair as a protection layer against the sea salt and the sun. Then at night after washing it I use Argain oil as a hair serum. On top of this regimen I spray SPF in my hair too! Want to read more of my beauty hair tricks? Then click here.

3. The first time I did a coconut oil treatment I gave my hair a wet look with it and left in in all night. Now my hair is so healthy I only need to treat the tips of my hair and it works wonders. For the first time of my life I did not have to cut my hair in 6 months!

This is how my hair has developed in one year exactly. ( These pictures were not taken for this blog post purpose, otherwise I would have taken clearer images ). The picture on the top left is taken by a sweet friend of mine  Sophia  and as you can guess I was her hair model last week. She did such a great job, I am so happy with it!  We chose to do a point cut hairstyle in the back as this optically makes your hair look longer ;).  She is becoming quite a talented Hair Artist I say :).

4. I barely have touched my blow dryer and flat iron to prevent hair damage. Now that my hair is getting longer the curls are becoming waves so the  air is able to run through better than before.

5. Last but not least: eating healthy definitely contributes to shiny and healthy looking hair!



7 thoughts on “How I let my hair Grow!

  1. owwhhh mijn haar is altijd zo droog! Ik gebruik amandelolie. Het werkt wel een beetje, maar niet genoeg. Ik zal op zoek gaan naar een kokosolie behandeling. tnx!

    1. Pure kokos olie, dus 100% virgin is reukloos! Althans wel degene die ik gebruik, die is oorspronkelijk om te koken 🙂

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