Weleda Skin Food, my new BFF!

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and my skin has noticed that. It feels tighter and dryer. Until I found my BFF in skin care: Weleda’s Huidcrème. For my non-Dutch readers known as Skin Food.

The secret of american Make up Artists for a dewy and nourished skin! This product came to my attention for several reasons:

  1. It was described to be a good primer for your canvas (face) without having to use an actual primer next to your moisturizer.

  2. You can create an instant glow on the face for photo shoots.

  3. When using this as a night creme it super feeds your skin leaving it soft and smooth.

  4. It doesn’t cause breakouts.

I did not hesitate one moment to run to the health store as it retails for the sweet price of 9.95 euros.

This creme is intended for  dry patches therefore you won’t find it between the facial line of products. The packaging is a hygienic aluminum tube where germs have no chance to penetrate as it is a one-way product discharge. The texture is quite thick and greasy. It is not the most easy creme to blend in though. I suggest to spray a toner or facial spray beforehand to moisten the skin (also this ‘prepares’ it for moisturizer application) which makes it easier to blend out this creme. My choice: Witch Hazel Toner.

So I have been using this product 6 weeks now, night and day and I can not rave enough about it! Despite of it feeling so greasy  I wake up with a mat, soft and nourished face. Unbelievable. No tightness any more. I even like it during the day! It actually holds my foundation quite well. You do might want to let it set for 20 min and then blot off the excess prior to makeup application. I have combination skin, shiny and dehydrated, but as it nourishes so well my skin is very calm now and doesn’t have to work as much which is why my T-zone has become less shiny.

With all this goodness going on here it really made me wonder about the ingredients. Dymphy  was so kind to work with me again and she took a look at the ingredient list for me:

Her conclusion: “The rule of thumb is that a product mainly consists of the first 5 ingredients on the list. Sunflower seed oil softens the skin. Lanolin (sheep wool) acts as a ‘lubricant’ and nourishes the skin. Sweet almond oil moisturizes.” Well aren’t you falling in love already?

“Don’t be shocked by the presence of the word Alcohol. This is most probably incorrectly stated and if I may guess should be cetearyl alcohol which is a fatty acid and works moisturizing. Alcohol or Ethanol (used in alcoholic drinks) can dry out the skin and the amount needed is above 70% to work as a disinfectant whereas only a small amount of cetearyl alcohol is needed for it to be active.” Well, I can vouch for the fact that my skin does not feel dried out at all!

“Furthermore it consists of some waxes that occlude the skin a little bit in order for the oils to be able to do their work. Also it contains Cholesterol and a lot of people think this is a bad thing but in the right proportion it isn’t. In your body it helps to regulate temperature and in cosmetics it makes sure that the oils don’t separate from the water. ”

Another thing that I love is the scent. To me it smells like being in a Spa. ” The fragrance in this product is extracted from a group of citrus scents limonene, linalool and citral. Also from the following plants: Rosemary, Chamomile, Calendula, Viola Tricolor and Coumarin” Yes all this reminds me of Sauna’s, Steam baths and relaxing views like the image below:

“In conclusion this is a very good list of ingredients apart from the fact that alcohol is incorrectly stated. I advise to test out a small amount first and see if your skin reacts to it in 24 hours. There are no preservatives in this product therefore it should be used regularly. The amount of water in this product is pretty high whereby bacteria can grow. As long as it doesn’t smell weird you should be good and I am sure that this is an awesome moisturizing product :)” Enough said.

Weleda Skin Food is very similar to Bepanthen, same tube, same texture but better smell and functioning and doesn’t feel sticky. The difference would be the third and fourth ingredients which are Paraffinum Liquidum and Petroleum (mineral oils) which I prefer to avoid.

What’s not to love about this product? This is what I’ll be using this winter religiously, and you?

Tell me what works for you!

Special thank you to Dymphy who turned this article in a complete review!



Weleda Skin Food image taken from internet

6 thoughts on “Weleda Skin Food, my new BFF!

  1. Hey Tani, I’ve been using this creme for a couple of days now (day and night).. To be honest my skin doesnt really react too well on it.. (yet) How long did you use it till you really feel the difference…?
    Rachel xx

    1. What kind of reaction do you experience exactly? Is it too greasy?My skin instanly improved and I don’t need to use during the day anymore. Maybe u should only use it at night!

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