Inglot Fall Collection

What are your go-to colors for this fall? Should you not have decided yet, Inglot offers a beautiful range of warm colors now in their collection.  Also budget wise I would opt for Inglot. They have their own customizable empty palettes or you could fill up your Z-palette with their products. Personally I prefer that as their magnetized palettes are quite heavy and as a makeup artist, the less my kit weighs the better!! Click here to see what I mean.

On to this fall’s collection, lovely makeup artist Peggy Timmermans was so kind to let me use some of her pictures to show you:

The image on the left bottom shows the palettes  of their Fall collection. Like I said you don’t need to buy them like this. One loose eyeshadow is retailed for 8,-euros and they sell palettes to fit 2 eyeshadows (price starting from 5,-) up to 3, 4, 5, 10 and bigger!

I was almost more impressed by the guy holding the Canon camera of my dreams!  You can go to my FB page to see the video he made and if you look carefully you’ll see me in it!

In Holland you can buy Inglot online, at their store-in-store’s in the V&D’s and  in Amsterdam where their beautiful Flagship Store is based. Have a nice weekend all!



3 thoughts on “Inglot Fall Collection

  1. ! love Inglot’s colours, didn’t see it here, not in spain either in Rome. Have to search a lipstick in a discret colour, have only a red one at the moment and really the quality is marvelous, go on with your nice blog, really interesting.

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