How-to: Revive your powder!

My mom asked me if her Dior Bronzer could be revived. It was old and no pigment was coming off anymore. So I used the how-to-fix-your-powder method and my sister made pictures on how I did it to show you guys.

  1. You will need alcohol, I used 70% because that’s what we had at the time.  A clean spatula, an angled liner brush and transparent foil.

  2. With the foil above the powder, gently smash it up with the spatula.

  3. When it looks like this you’re done.

  4. Carefully add a few drops of alcohol on the mashed powder and smooth over the mixture with the spatula.

  5. With the angled brush you can clean the edges.

  6. Now let dry for aprox. 24hrs.

She was so excited to be able to use it again! You can apply the same steps to fix broken eyeshadows. Only at the end you must ‘press’ it which you can easily do with a coin and  a clean cotton shirt.



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