Great Lengths Hair Extensions

And the hair adventures continue! As you know I’m letting my hair grow and so it happened that my friend and Hair Stylist Taoufik Touzani  needed a model for hair extensions :). It was such a fun day and I’m so happy with the results!! Come take a look:

Taoufik is an experienced (7 years) hair dresser in Amsterdam who is now expanding his skills and currently is following a course at Great Lengths

First he washed my hair with a special cleansing shampoo and then he made it sleek with a blow dryer and flat iron. After that he was ready to roll! 75 of these babies are now added to my own hair. We were both astonished by the fact that it was a perfect match in terms of color and structure. 

Take a look at the difference in length:

Great Lengths makes use of real hair from India, with great success. 500.000 women use this method on a yearly basis. Not only can you extend the length of your hair but also: multiply it, or add color to it. It’s a safe and harmless method for your own hair.

We did not stop here, after the extensions he styled my hair with his favorite product line by Kevin Murphy:

Ooooh yeah:

The result, tadaaaaa:

I’m so happy with it!! It looks awesome!

The extensions will last 4-6 months and you will need to take extra good care of your hair. This is the care package he advised for me which I will post a proper review about later on. I am totally in love with the brush!

If you should have any questions concerning hair extensions or maybe need a hair stylist for photo shoots (in The Netherlands) you can contact Taoufik Touzani here:

Or visit (and like!) his Facebook page: Hairdesign Unlimited

Ladies, this man is passionate about hair. Stay tuned for more info about him on my blog!



3 thoughts on “Great Lengths Hair Extensions

  1. Wauww loved this review!! The final result looked beautiful!! Nice pictures and very well described! Thumbs up for Taoufik! 🙂

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