My Emirates Open Day Experience

The beauty of having a blog is that it gives you the power to help others. Today I hope to be helpful to anyone who either wants to change the course of their lives or actually pursuit the Emirates life. Two months ago I decided to do a complete 180 by applying at Emirates to become a cabin crew member. I am proud to have experienced this day and I want to share it as for me it was very helpful to read the experiences of others before me.

September 15th I attended  the Emirates Cabin Crew Open Day in Düsseldorf. You can either do this or apply and wait to be invited to an assessment day. Either way you have to register at first.

Why Emirates
Know what your up against. Applying for Emirates means going away for 3 years and live in Dubai. It’s a wonderful life experience. Your colleagues will become your new family, you get to see the world and to live in an incomparable city. But also take in account the long flight hours, jet lags and what it does to your body. The first year you will probably not see your friends and family and living in Dubai could be overwhelming, are you up for it?

Your Appearance
Grooming is key. Making a good first impression is so essential, I could not believe the people I saw dressed as they were just heading towards the mall. Jeans and sneakers are really not done here.
Ladies: tie your hair up in a neat manner like a bun or a pony tail. Define your eyes, hide redness and spots but don’t show off your makeup skills, you’re not going on a date with the recruiter.
Men: shave and do your hair properly. Even if you’re a hairdresser it does not  mean you can get away with an ‘out of bed’ look. Not  appropriate and yes, I totally saw this.
Attire: business. This is the most neat way you can present yourself. No scarves, no open shoes and  no big statement jewelry.  The skirt should fall over your knees as you are applying for an arabic company. For men: suit up!

Prep yourself
Study as many interview cases as you can. You can find a lot of information on the web and practice with friends! Think of questions as:
-Why Emirates?
-Tell me about dealing with an angry person.
-How do you integrate in a team.
-How do you see your future?
-What do you dislike about your current job?
Consider preparing your answers in the STAR method.

Prep your English. It’s the language you will be speaking and there’s also an English test. This consists of writing an essay.

At this point, can you image that I met people there that didn’t have a clue about the information I just shared? 

Paperwork and Photos
You will have to submit 2 photos, in business attire and casual. Also take passport photo’s with you.
-Full length 10×15 or 4″x6.
-Plain background.
-Both arms and hands visible, facing the camera, do not cross your legs.
-Full color, in focus and smile.
As for paperwork I had with me: my resume, a cover letter and my education and experience certificates.

The Open Day
It’s open to all candidates with the following requirements:
-Minimum age 21
-Minimum arm reach 212 cm on tip toes (to reach emergency equipment)
-Medically fit
-Fluent in English (more languages are an asset)
It started at 9:00am, be sure to be present early. It is not done to enter the room later. While waiting with the rest of the group, connect with each other. Showing that you’re a team player starts here!

It starts with an information session of 2-3 hours. They show you dvd’s about working for Emirates and living in Dubai and you get to ask the recruiters related questions.  After that they divided the group (50) in 2. I was in the second group and we had to wait 1 hour so we went out for lunch. When we came back we were shocked that only 2 of the first group passed….
1st round: we got divided in little groups of 3 and we were given a card with an object. The assignment was to come up with out of the box idea’s what you could do with it (we had a rose) without mentioning the object and then present it to the rest of your group. Meanwhile your were called one by one to do the arm reach test and to clarify one or two things about your resume.
Be a team player and don’t show off. You will be watched by the recruiters like a hawk, be nice and open to the ideas of your team.
After this we had to wait in the hallway for the agonizing moment where they hand you a paper saying that you either passed this round or that unfortunately it ends here. For me it ended… for most. In total only 6 people passed the first round.
2nd round: would be the English test.
3rd round: Group discussion.
Last round: Final interview.

Depending on how big the group is the whole recruitment process might take place  in 2 days or more. Be sure to take that in consideration should you need to book a flight and hotel.

Last Tips
Emirates is an Award winning international airline with a world class product where the passenger  has a very high value. At least show that you are/have:
-Positive attitude
-Strong cultural awareness

Most importantly be yourself, don’t play an act because they will see right through it!

Emirates does not provide you with feedback as to why you did not pass and don’t beat yourself up about it. There can be a million reasons and you will just never know. In my group there were cabin crew members from Qatar who did not pass. I myself have 10 years of Aviation experience. It’s really hard to know what they are thinking and looking for. I found comfort in the fact that I took my chance, prepared myself well but that it just wasn’t meant to be (of course I was bumped the day itself). The adventure doesn’t end here though, in 6 months you are allowed to attend again. Except when you make it to the final interview but do not succeed, you must wait 1 year to apply again.

As for me, I am  proud that I had the courage to change my life completely by entering the selection for Emirates Cabin Crew and though I did not pass, I’ve learned that moving forward can open doors one did not expect. So my message to you today is:



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