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Meet Taoufik Touzani, the man behind my beautiful hair do’s!  In these past few weeks he has become my hair guru for life! I’m not only saying this because he is my friend, I’ve seen him work on others too and I’m really impressed about his work.

A note from Taoufik himself: “At the moment I am working on how to proceed my career as a hairstylist. I will be adding expertise’s like: hair extensions, colouring, highlights and putting up hair. 
Currently I work in a  fixed location but I’m mobile as well. This in my opinion has a big advantage as it allows you to simply contact me to do your hair at your place.” 

Should you have missed it, I was his model at GreatLengths for hair extensions. Read here all about it.


He’s favorite Style brand to work with is Kevin Murphy and this is why:

“Kevin Murphy is my choice for hair products because I care about the environment, as Hairstylist Kevin Murphy does, and so together we try not to bring more damage to this world. Their packaging is fully recyclable or biodegradable. The ingredients in their products are natural and harvested in a sustainable and innovative manner. He also searches for ingredients derived from smaller companies that contribute to the environment by cultivating organically and don’t use pesticides.
Kevin Murphy also donates money to The Climate Project-Australia. When Kevin Murphy products are  being sold to a hairstylist  a certain amount  gets reserved to  train people on how to deal with the environment and to save CO2 emissions. The more Kevin Murphy products a hairstylist buys and sells, the more everybody supports and contributes to a better environment and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Last but not least, Kevin Murphy does not test on animals and tries to avoid ingredients that could harm them.”

Besides this, I know he feels that Kevin Murphy products have the power to make awesome hairdo’s. Well speaking  of that, let me show you some of my hair do’s by Taoufik:


I must say, I truly felt like a VAMP here! A celebrity Hollywood vamp to be exact :).



And this is how it looked the next day:


A polished wave look:


And the next day, less wavy but still polished!


Taoufik, works with passion and pays full attention to his clients hair needs. He has a good eye for detail and just won’t stop until he his fully satisfied with the result! One thing I like very much about him is how he interacts with a client. In my opinion that’s a very important aspect in a hairstylist which I don’t see very often.

Well ladies, what can I say, send him an email and let him do your hair!



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