Tutorial: Hooded Eye


Here is my first makeup tutorial: eye makeup for hooded eyes. My eyes  are a combination of deep set/hooded. What does that mean exactly?
My eyes lie deeper therefore the eyelid is not visible when I look straight forward. Asian people have this too, only they have no visual crease which is why their eyes are often referred to as mono lids. It’s like having a ‘flat’ area to paint on. In my case due to my  bone structure, there is skin covering the eyelid also, hence the name hooded eyes.

I’m still mastering how to take awesome eye makeup pictures, I hope they are clear to you!   

Makeup tutorial1

  1. I started off with applying Pistol by Urban Decay on my eyelid. It’s a light grayish brown color but actually it strikes me more as a light greenish brown.
  2. Then with a MAC #272 brush (the best for our type of eyes!) I applied Jealous Jordana by The Balm in the ‘upper’ crease area. By that I mean the area above the socket, directly on the brow bone. If I were to do this in my actual crease (line you see in the third picture) the effect I want to create  would not be visible. I want my ‘upper’ crease area to fall back and for that effect a dark color is needed. As you can see it creates dimension to the whole eye.
  3. To soften up the green a little bit I used Insane Jane by The Balm in the whole crease area (from the socket and up) with a MAC #217 brush (the best for blending!)
  4. To give the look more dimension I used Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm to highlight under the brow, my tear duct and half of my lower rim.
  5. I always do a winged eyeliner as hooded eyes benefit from a ‘lifting’ effect on the eyes.
  6. I don’t line them all the way as you can see. It makes my eyes look smaller or worse tired. You know how black pants have the effect of making you look slimmer, the same applies to lining your eyes entirely with black. I only do so when going out at night or when I have a really good day and feel energetic and awake. Sometimes I do my upper line only half way too, it gives a big round eye effect.

Here’s a full face of this look:


I use this method with other colors too like gray, purple or even nudes! This is basically how I feel my eyes are defined best. I hope there are some tips here that you can use. If u should try this let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it!



7 thoughts on “Tutorial: Hooded Eye

    1. 😦 I see, your eyes are the asian mono lid eyes. That’s trickier indeed! But there are beautiful eyes looks for your eyes too! Have you tried a good winged eyeliner?

  1. Ik heb zelf ook een beetje hooded eyes, ik vind het vooral lastig met winged eyeliner aanbrengen. Jouw ooglook staat je prachtig! En wat zit je haar mooi 🙂

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