My Makeup Organization System


How do you like to organize your makeup?

For my bigger (makeup artist) stash I haven’t found  a good system yet, other than the Züca bags. But for the makeup I use on a daily basis I did want to find a nice and clear system because having to search endlessly through one box was really starting to annoy me!


After doing some inspiration research on Pinterest I immediatly fell in love with these acrylic drawers by Muji store. Yes the sort of Japanese Ikea. I’m really bumped  that Muji does not have stores in the Netherlands :(. But no worries, there is the option to order online or you could do it may way: by driving to Dusseldorf.

So what is so special about these drawers?

I like the fact that they are clear which, in my opinion, makes it look neat and  easy to search through because I have little to no time in the morning for that!


You can custom make your own tower, as you can see my top drawer has a lid which you can open up. Truth be told, I shot these pictures like a year ago and this is not how I actually have my makeup organized in them right now.


Today my “makeup tower” consists of 5 drawers with these products:

On the top drawer I keep products such as: Mac Fix+, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Foundation, Urban Decay D-slick in a tube, cotton swabs, basically anything you want to have at hand but can’t or won’t lay flat ;).

  1. Eye primers, concealers, brow products.

  2. Little eyeshadow palettes from 1 to 5 colors.

  3. Blush, highlight, contour.

  4. Random items such as: tweezers, lighter ( to soften kohl pencils ), lip balm.


You can find such a system in other stores probably but to me they just don’t look as on point as this, agreed ;)?

Did you come across a makeup product in the pictures above you would want to hear my thoughts on? Then let me know in the comments below!


One thought on “My Makeup Organization System

  1. I know this problem very well, especially in the morning and you don’t see that much without glasses….terrible. Because of that I let my make-up on the table but it seems not clean, so I thank you for your good tip and as well trying a good way to take my make-up traveling with me.

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