Amsterdam Kookt – Food Festival

Food Festival Amsterdam Kookt

Moving on from music festivals to food festivals on TaniStates Blog. This past weekend was the first edition of food festival Amsterdam Kookt. Translation would be Amsterdam is cooking. When I see the recap on their social media it’s clear they had a huge succes! No wonder with all the great components they had in their advantage.

Great component #1 the location: NDSM-WERF. An old industrial shipyard area which makes every event that takes place here extra cool. It’s on the other side of the river from central station where ferry’s leave every 15 min back and forth.


Great component #2 the food choices are endless! From down straight fries to Turkish pizza, from meat to vegan, or from oysters to desserts, it’s all there. This way if you’re hanging out with a big group of friends which include vegetarians,  meat lovers or organic food lovers: the problem is solved easily.


Oyster any one 😉 ?



Food brings people together. They vibe at these kind of festivals is really a happy one where all the sorrows are left at home and people just loosen up and enjoy life.


Great component #3 Music. In almost every corner there was also music. But the real winner here was the fact that they had two stages no less, with great music artists.





Berlin lovers unite. One thing I personally loved was the Berlin vibe this area provided:



I myself attended this festival on a Friday (duration is 3,5 days) for the VRIJMIBO which in Dutch is short for “vrijdag middag borrel” and in translation means: Friday afternoon drink. Entrance is free, but you have to purchase coins to pay your food and drinks with. To give you an example, I spent 20 euros which got me a decent meal and two beers.



I highly recommend this festival for everyone. One thing that also caught my attention is the great accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers as the area itself is very spacious. Fun for kids is also provided, unfortunately I did not document that.


Overall, yesss a big winner for me. Needless to say they greatest component of them all was the sun in this rainy country ;).

We finished our great Friday afternoon at Cafe Noorderlicht who also participated with the event and is one of the  Amsterdam Hotspots you should definitely check out:


I hope you have enjoyed this photo tour and/or  that I might have inspired you to visit this event next year or this great area of Amsterdam!


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