Brand Focus: Dermalogica


Everybody around me knows that my holy grail in skincare is Dermalogica. I’ve mentioned it quite a few times here too  so the explanation as to WHY was long overdue,  don’t you agree? But instead of getting lost on their history and philosophy  I’m going to tell you my personal experience about how I fell in love with them.

First you need to know about my skin’s condition. It’s a big DRAMA. It’s sensitive, oily and dehydrated all together. On top of that it’s acne-prone too. My skin is a drama queen. Believe me when I tell you that I had tried all sort of brands from drugstore to high end but non of them  would do it for me, some even made matters worse. Also I didn’t know much about a proper cleansing routine or what ingredients to avoid. Dermalogica learned me all of that.

It was in 2004 when I got a discount coupon for a facial treatment at the beauty salon in the gym where I did my work outs at that time. I went in totally blank, didn’t know a thing about   Dermalogica. The treatment felt very personal. They start off by getting to know you to customize the facial treatment. I liked the fact that they look at the face differently. Even on your face there can be different needs on each area. Dermalogica determines that through Face Mapping. After the treatment when she gave me a mirror to look at my face I could not believe my eyes. I saw the most radiant, healthy glow on my skin. My skin had never looked so good to me and never had I encountered this at other beauty salons or at home. The fact that I saw immediate result by the use of this skincare was groundbreaking to me and obviously the selling point.


So what is the big difference with other brands? Of course the answer to this is personal. No skin  is the same and what works for me might not work for you. But in my case it has all to do with the fact that Dermalogica works without skin irritating ingredients such as:

•Mineral oil (paraffin liquid, petrolatum)


•SD Alcohol

The brand has a clear vision and is based on improving skin’s health and therefore it’s only available at trained professionals. Another point that I find comfort in is the fact that their packaging is pure and simple and when was the first time you saw an add about them? Yes probably never, so no you are not paying for their marketing.

Among my friends I’ve managed to get a few to try out their products, both women and men (!) and not one dislikes it. I quote one of guy friends: “Shaving with their products is shaving like nobody’s business”  Even working in the beauty industry now I often come across people who are Dermalogica users and will just not bend to another brand.

(My hotel room once upon a time…)


Ok so before I really start to sound like a Dermalogica representative, please know that these are my personal experiences and that I’m not affiliated with the brand. I chose to write about it because  1. I enjoy their products so much and  2. I get asked a lot what skincare I use. I’m not saying that other brands aren’t good but I do stand 100% behind their philosophy specially after using their products for 11 years now and my skin is still going strong. I will say that this brand has not helped me clear my Acne (that is a different story all together) but when I do break out I get to control it the best with Dermalogica.

Well I think I have informed you enough for this Saturday morning, more stories, lessons learned and product reviews will follow.

Happy Weekend everyone!

Love, Tani

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