Makeup Brushes 101, pt2


Welcome to part two of the makeup brushes series. Today’s topic is Foundation Brushes. Please note I am not affiliated with any brand. I own all these brushes due to my work as a makeup artist. Therefore you don’t need all of these. I just hope to be helpful in your pursuit of the perfect brush for your needs!


  1. IB123 by Crown Brush. This is your regular and most known foundation brush. To apply foundation with this one is more work then you would assume. The thing with such a brush is that it leaves brush strokes which you need to blend away for a flawless finish. Personally I only use this one for quick color matches on clients.
  2. 108/Face Artist by Zoeva. It’s the same brush as nr.1 but as you can see twice the size! And I actually like it in use. It covers large parts which makes it a faster application. I also find it to be the least skin disturbing when my acne is going strong :(.  When my skin feels irritated I don’t want to be buffing and swirling as much.
  3. C406 LG Duo Face. This is a stippling brush , aka Duo Fibre brush. This one picks up less product and therefore gives a light finish. Also due to it’s form you can stipple your foundation with much more precision on spots. Works with liquids and powders and works great with highlighters (Bobbi’s shimmer bricks!)
  4. 102 Silk Finish by Zoeva. One of my favorites!  This is a round kabuki brush. It’s very compact which makes it great to buff in foundation into your skin for a flawless finish.  Love how soft it feels and how it follows the contours of the face.


  1. 111/Flawless Cover. Please don’t fall in love with this brush because Zoeva discontinued it :(. But if you can find one in another brand, this brush is perfect in use under the eyes and for a flawless application in the corners of the nose.
  2. The raved about Sigma F80. A flat kabuki. It’s definitely a good high end quality brush, but is it my favorite? No. Though it gives a nice a flawless finish, I personally don’t like to work with a flat brush on my face, it feels a little bit to stiff while buffing.
  3. The Real techniques expert face brush. Great, just great for buffing in foundation and I like it better because it has round edges and it just feels nicer on my face. Can also be used for contouring with creams or liquids.
  4. The Real Techniques buffing brush. This one is dome shaped and it’s my favorite when applying mineral foundation (foundation in loose powder form). It picks up the product well and buffs it in nicely. It’s round form glides smoothly over the face.
  5. This is a kabuki brush by Royal and Langnickel. Kabuki brushes have very dense bristles with a short stem due to their heavy weight. Their application is also heavy and you don’t need to pick up a lot of product. Absolutely great for mineral makeup. The name kabuki is related to traditional Japanese theatre where these brushes were used for a heavy yet flawless makeup application.

Don’t forget makeup is also fun and all the rules can be broken. If you want to use a brush for a totally different purpose than what it is designed for, do so!



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