MS MR concert @ Melkweg Amsterdam


It was hard to wake up the 14th of november. The alarm went off at 5 AM, I open up Facebook on my phone and the first words I read were: “Je suis Paris”. My brain immediately knew something bad had happened to the world. “89 deaths at concert venue Bataclan due to terrorist attacks” with this sentence in my head I get dressed, prepare breakfast but could not wake up.

With just a few hours of sleep I had a hard a time wrapping my head around the fact such terrible things happened so close to home. Then on my way to work it hit me: I am attending a concert tonight! But I only hesitated 1 sec weather I should go or not. I decided to not let them win, fear will not take  over.

So this night the wait was finally over, 3 years I had to wait to see MS MR perform. Little did I know that this concert was going to be extra special….

I discovered this band through TV Serie “Secret Circle”, which sadly only has one season. If you are a “Charmed” or “Supernatural” fan, def check this one out. Sometimes I find a song so very well picked in combination with the scene. It was MS MR’s song “Bones” that hit me hard. It’s a heavy  piano song  that hit’s the dark parts of your soul. We all need to let that part out sometime right ;)?  I was really pleasantly surprised with their other songs too.  “Hurricane” is one of my most played song in iTunes. I’ve heard both songs also being featured in “Revenge”,  “Game of Thrones”,  “Gossip Girl” and “Pretty Little Liars”.

Then her voice! A very important thing for me, I love the sound of it and I like the fact she has a bit of iciness in her voice, which you typically find in Iceland singers such as “Björk” and “Emilíana Torrini”.  I just knew I wanted to hear this live. For my Dutch readers, you might like Dutch Singer Sofie Letitre, icy voice and very innovative music! 

How to describe their music? As the big fan that I am I can still not put a genre to it. iTunes names it Alternative, others call it Dance-Pop. But what I do think it is, is: edgy, fun, different and so 2016.

This concert marks the best event of the year for me. Her performance was so professional, energetic and just awesome. Just that night before they performed in Paris themselves. Another American Band was attacked.  I can not imagine the heavy hearts they must have had during the show in Amsterdam. We shared a moment of silence ( see video below ). It was beautiful to feel solidarity with the public and my favorite band. Kudos for them for not giving in to fear either and let te show continue. Yes, a really special memory this night has become….

I’m gonna wrap up this blogpost and just let you get aquainted with the band:

Love, Tani

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