Makeup Brushes 101, pt4


Welcome to part 4 of these makeup brush series with still 3 or 4 parts to go ( I lost count LoL). Today’s topic: Powder Brushes.

Little Extra Tip: instead of swirling with a powder brush over your face, try padding the powder on. This way you won’t swirl away the hard work you just did on your foundation!


  1. Eco Tools Large Powder Brush. Ecotools is a Paris based company who are passionate about the environment. I was really curios about these brushes as they are drugstore priced and therefore very affordable. The hairs are synthetic and feel very soft on the skin. It does a decent job at applying makeup.
  2. Zoeva Buffing Brush 104. Not sure why I included this one here, while shooting these pictures. It is actually a foundation brush (vegan). Not my favourite for that, I find it a little bit on the big side to glide over the face with. But it does buff in the product very well.
  3. Real Techniques Powder Brush. I love the round dome shape of this brush, it glides softly over your face and you can also easily dab on to your skin with it. The irony is that I don’t use it to apply powder,  but to blend out my bronzer-blush-highlight game ;).
  4. Sephora Pro Visionary Precise Natural Powder Brush #121. Wauw that’s a mouth full! And so is they’re explanation on the website which I totally agree with:
    “A luxe powder brush that expertly applies loose, mineral, and pressed formulas. 
    The soft bristles of this powder brush are made of high-grade synthetic fiber and the large domed shape allows you to cover an impressive amount of surface area in a single swipe. The slight point fits nicely into the contours of the face for more precise application.  
    Mixing contemporary design with everyday functionality, Philippe Di Mé cleverly reinvented the makeup brush by calculating a superior balance between the proportion of the ferrule and the handle, ensuring consistently flawless application.” The only thing I’d like to add is that I also like to use this brush for a soft blush application.
  5. Makeup Store Powder Brush Pink 357. This is a goat hair powder brush, perfect for powder and yes the colour was the selling point! I’m really sad  MakeUp Store in no longer in Amsterdam, I’m a huge fan of this Swedish makeup brand. I will say this one picked up and deposits powder the best due to it’s made of goat hair. Yes count this one in as a favorite too ;).
  6. CrownBrush C309 Jumbo Chisel Powder. This one is a sable and goat hair mix. I love it to gently pad powder over the face. It’s big enough to use on the body as well.

I barely use powder on myself as I use mineral makeup and I don’t need to set my makeup with powder. But when I do, nr.5 would be my favourite. Though as soft as the other brushes feel, I really find goat hair the best for powder products.

Overall, this are all great choices (except for nr.2 lol) and it doesn’t have to be a pricey one!!

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So far I want to say, I’ve noticed all the love you guys give in these makeup brushes series. Thank you so much!!

Love, Tani

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