Jeangu Macrooy

Persfoto Jeangu

Every blogger or writer goes through a writers block fase until something happens that instantly gives you all the writing energy back. That’s what happened to me this past Saturday when I unexpectedly ended up in a room with twenty people and witnesed a soul striking performance of the  young singer-songwriter Jeangu Macrooy.

He stood next to me before going on stage, totally zen. There and then I just could sense this was going to be something. With the first sounds coming out of his guitar I was indeed certain of my first impression, but then he blew me away with his voice and whole performance. A beautiful soulful warm voice and deep lyrics touched my soul, I felt so honored to be in the presence of this intimate performance:

Jeangu has always had a passion for music together with his twin brother with who he formed a pop duo back in Paramaribo, Suriname. At the age of thirteen he was given his first guitar and that’s when it hit him: he wanted to become a music artist. I loved to read the story about him where he explains how together with his brother they would bike to a record store and spend all of their saved up money. Every time he played a record for the first time he was so excited to hear that moment where the artist would completely give himself in to the song, only he never got what he wanted to hear and so his writing journey began to fulfill his own musical needs.

During his performance it was obvious to me that he did not just start in music. Besides the fact that he has a real talent, the host of the show  also mentioned he had made people cry with his songs. My gut feeling say’s he’s going to win the hearts of larger crowds with his charming appearance, warm sound and meaningful lyrics.

In a little chat we had  he told me his debut album is due to be released  this spring!

Personally I can not wait to hear more work from him!

Special thank you to Jeangu himself for letting me write about him.



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