Food Soul Festival

Food Soul Festival

Food Festivals are quite the trend nowadays. I only discovered them last year thinking it was a summer thing only. Boy was I wrong!! But are the indoor versions as good as the outdoor versions?

This weekend I attended the Food Soul Festival  at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam-Noord. Their idea is to let you enjoy good food while listening to Soul vibes. In that they have succeeded indeed. For me another big plus was the location. I have a soft spot for old industry buildings, they are just so cool to photograph. I loved the lighting and the palm trees inside. All combined it  brought good vibes and great atmosphere.


These coquilles where amazing! Provided by the Award winning food truck Chef Nicolas.  I asked where do they enjoy working the most and their answer was: ” We enjoy working at food festivals the most, because it’s a place where people come for the food and to enjoy it together.”

Food Festival

Bacchus wijn festival

Other than food, healthy drinks are also provided. This coconut badboy is from VerbodenFruit. Delicious!!!

Coconut water

Verboden Fruit

If you’re into photography it’s a fun event to visit also. Every truck or station is candy for your eyes!  I really had a hard time choosing my photo’s for this previous food festival post. 

I decided to bring my macro lens which gives you great depth of field, great for Bokeh photo’s too:


Tanimara from TaniStates

This will be my DIY MasonJar project one day!!

Mason jar

The only downside to an indoor food festival is that your clothes and hair end up smelling a lot. So maybe don’t wear your best outfits and for girls: you might want to go with third day hair ;-).

Overall I had a nice time and I’m curios to see how their outdoor version is.



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