Restaurant Nevel


Last summer I stumbled upon this little gem in Amsterdam: Restaurant Nevel. I fell in love with this place! Not because of the food, which  sadly I have yet to taste. It was something else that stole my heart….


In Amsterdam we don’t have a lot of places that are close to water (this is the IJ river) and sometimes I really miss that. This is a great hangout spot during summer, so 10 points for their terrace already!  But what really took my breath away was the design inside the restaurant:




What an ambiance…It reminds me of Stockholm (which holds a very special place in my heart) So in love with this Scandinavian look and feel! Again 10 points for the designer!   I was lucky to catch the place empty, oh just love how photogenic it is!!


Great detail on the menu’s. The Chef is Ricardo van Ede.


At night this place is even more captivating:



My apologies for not having information about their food. Promise to blog about it when I do! I can say something about the staff though: they are truly kind and have great customer service with a smile. That day I walked in I was offered a free coffee which I fully enjoyed on their terrace. Thank you so much for letting me shoot the pictures!! 


The Adress is:

Westerdoksdijk 40, Amsterdam

Or visit their Facebook page for more info.




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  1. Hey, I just posted my first official blog post and it’s about Amsterdam. Would you be able to check it out and offer me some feedback on it? Thanks!

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