How-to open Beauty Sample Sachets

Product Samples

Every girl has a bunch of beauty related samples at home. Great for trying out new products and perfect for that weekend get-a-way. But the only thing I don’t like about them is how messy it can get in your toilet bag once opened, until I discovered this little trick:

Khiel's Hydra Plumping

Instead of going about it the traditional way by cutting it open I prefer to make a little hole in it with a clean (!) needle. These are the benefits to that:

  • The product stays as fresh as possible.
  • You minimize the chance of leaking substance in to your toilet bag while traveling.
  • The product will last you longer as you avoid getting too much out of the sachet.

Khiel's Hydra Plumping

Be sure to do this with a clean and sanitized needle!

Hope you liked my little tip, curios to hear about your tips when traveling!




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