Hotspot Alert: Pllek Amsterdam

Plek Amsterdam NDSM werf

Pllek, your get-away-spot in the city. The feeling of being somewhere else while enjoying the view of your beloved city, that’s the feeling I get when I’m here. This place is easy to miss, specially when you’re a tourist in town, but I hope you won’t miss it after reading this!

I always seem to be lucky when going to places  like this to have my camera with me and finding the place half empty and camera ready!

Ready for the photo tour?

Pllek Amsterdam

Pllek Amsterdam

Despite it’s raw appearance due the old ship containers (pllek is situated on an old shipyard) it has a real cozy feel inside.

Pllek Amsterdam

Pllek Amsterdam

I love photogenic places like this….


This place offers more than meets the eye. Besides the coziness of your own home and the city summer vibe outside, their agenda is full with events such as Yoga, movie nights, and live music!

Food wise they offer responsible, organic and veggie meals:

Pllek Amsterdam

This was yummy!

Tanimara from Tanistates


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Here’s how you get to Pllek:  At central station you must take the Ferry to NDSM werf, it takes about 15 min to cross the river and it’s free of charge.

TT Neveritaweg 59 | 1033 WB Amsterdam | 020 – 2900 020

Pricing: Average

TaniStates rating: 8



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