Amsterdam Kookt – Food Festival

Food Festival Amsterdam Kookt

Moving on from music festivals to food festivals on TaniStates Blog. This past weekend was the first edition of food festival Amsterdam Kookt. Translation would be Amsterdam is cooking. When I see the recap on their social media it’s clear they had a huge succes! No wonder with all the great components they had in their advantage.

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The Bold and The Beautiful


I don’t mean to sound arrogant, I just always wanted to use this for a blog post title! I have been meaning to write about my BlackBerry Bold for over 2 years now but somehow I never got around to do so. It might seem pointless now as I’m getting an iPhone soon but actually is the reason I’m posting it still.

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My Emirates Open Day Experience

The beauty of having a blog is that it gives you the power to help others. Today I hope to be helpful to anyone who either wants to change the course of their lives or actually pursuit the Emirates life. Two months ago I decided to do a complete 180 by applying at Emirates to become a cabin crew member. I am proud to have experienced this day and I want to share it as for me it was very helpful to read the experiences of others before me.
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