Brand Focus: Dermalogica


Everybody around me knows that my holy grail in skincare is Dermalogica. I’ve mentioned it quite a few times here too  so the explanation as to WHY was long overdue,  don’t you agree? But instead of getting lost on their history and philosophy  I’m going to tell you my personal experience about how I fell in love with them.
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Witch Hazel: a natural skin toner

Today I’m going to talk about Witch Hazel, weird name huh?  It is also known as Hamamelis Virginia (or ‘Toverhazelaar’ for the Dutch). It’s an astringent produced from the leaves and bark or the North-American Witch Hazel Shrub. You might have noticed it as an ingredient in your skin care as it is a very strong anti-oxidant and ‘astringent’. It clarifies oily skin, tones and helps to reduce the appearance of pores. It has a very strong ‘woody’ scent to it which makes sense being an organic product. 

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