How-to open Beauty Sample Sachets

Product Samples

Every girl has a bunch of beauty related samples at home. Great for trying out new products and perfect for that weekend get-a-way. But the only thing I don’t like about them is how messy it can get in your toilet bag once opened, until I discovered this little trick:
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Brand Focus: Dermalogica


Everybody around me knows that my holy grail in skincare is Dermalogica. I’ve mentioned it quite a few times here too  so the explanation as to WHY was long overdue,  don’t you agree? But instead of getting lost on their history and philosophy  I’m going to tell you my personal experience about how I fell in love with them.
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How-to: Revive your powder!

My mom asked me if her Dior Bronzer could be revived. It was old and no pigment was coming off anymore. So I used the how-to-fix-your-powder method and my sister made pictures on how I did it to show you guys.

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