Must know basics of Concealer

Concealer is a difficult makeup item to get right for most women, next to foundation. It’s one of the things I get asked about most. What is it? What color should I use? Do I apply it before my foundation? Why does it get in the lines around my eyes? and what is camouflage for? After reading this post I hope you will feel empowered with this knowledge and be able to look stunningly amazing.
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BEN NYE Matte HD Foundation and Media PRO concealer

Being on the hunt for perfection I decided to give cream foundation a try: Ben Nye MATTE foundation HD. At the same time I was a bit worried about the ingredients as Ben Nye is a theatrical make up brand and requires different and longer lasting properties. So I called in  the help  from Dymphy who loves to do research on ingredients used in makeup and does so on PROMAKEUPSTORE’s blog on a weekly basis. She has her own blog too where she aims to educate people about organic cosmetics Nurchamiel + Beauty. The outcome of her research is quite surprising: click here to read it!
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