Photo-Inspiration #1

 Photo from the web

One morning standing in line at Starbucks I fell in love with their advertisement photo for American Pancakes. There is just something about breakfast….On a Sunday I enjoy hot rolls in the oven, fresh coffee and Norah Jones through my speakers.

When traveling I also get really excited about breakfast options at hotels.

Inspired by this photo I took one similar at home:

I love all kinds of bread but this one is my all time favorite German bread called Weltmeister. Funny enough my mom send it over to me from Spain. (half baked ;)) This bread is really nutritious but is not too heavy in your stomach.

Sidenote: I’m completely done with the bread from our local supermarket AH which is just full of air. I kept eating it until 2 o’clock in the night because I was always hungry as it never satisfied my appetite. You can imagine I also had a sleeping problem… my doctor instead of giving me sleeping pills sent me to a dietician where I learned what  my eating choices where doing to me (I had quite some fat around my stomach as well). I never could have thought that making the right food choices would help me get my sleeping pattern back to normal again. Eating nutritious bread really makes  a difference for me. 

My little sister has entered a photo contest at her school and she wanted my advise so she e-mailed her work to me and when I saw her theme it just cracked me up:

Courtesy of my sister ©GABZ

This is on the balcony of our mom’s house in Spain. I just love that we had the same theme going on in hour heads. I hope that she wins!

Edit: My siter won the contest! So proud!

I’d love to hear about your favorite breakfast!