Meeting Kandee Johnson


(photo credit Ian Ruther)

December 2010  will forever be my most memorable moth, due to an unforgettable experience in Los Angeles as I got to meet my youtube (and life) guru Kandee Johnson.
I flew out to Los Angeles to attend her makeup seminar called “Glaminar” (She combined the words seminar and glamour) and it was also the last one she  would be giving.
My Kandee adventure started out this way:

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Stress-free packing!!

Just packing for my LA trip I all ready 
have an American product I rave about!!
Last year in New York I 
bought this pad with packing list sheets 
and it’s just awesome!
You can start packing last minute without worrying 
that you’ll forget something!
Everything is there on the list:
passport, credit cards, tickets, etc
laundry bag, chargers, etc
socks, dresses, belts, etc
Hygiene: brush, makeup, pain reliever, etc

I love what  it say’s on the bottom:
“Bring half of what you think you need, and twice as much money”
So true!!!
For me this was the end of always packing too much and 
now having more space for things I shop!

They have other lists to like for grocery shopping
to do lists, and so much more!
Take a look here:

Well, I’m all set for my trip so stay tuned to
see who I’m going to meet and more American goodies 🙂