Turkish (Retail) Delight

Nothing like a little retail therapy I say and even
better when being ‘in therapy’ in a different

My boyfriend C had to go work 2 days in Istanbul starting

on new years eve so I decided to accompany him.

So here I am with my trusted Starbucks Latte
(yes blog about my love for Starbucks is coming up)
walking in Bagdat street!
A must go for shopping and dining.
As we were walking, C pointed out a MAC store
but I couldn’t look because my heart stopped beating for a second
when I saw the following shop:

Yes!!! I set foot in a NARS shop!!!!

From the French Make-up Artist and Photographer François Nars.

And OH YES I got myself THE notorious blush

They are known for their provocative names haha!.
I’m totally in love with it, it’s soooo beautiful!
It’s a pinky-peachy colour with a touch of shimmer.
Then I saw one of my favorite shops (I tend to like brands/shops that
aren’t in my country)
Working in Aviation I have been in contact
with a lot of Japanese passengers and immediately
it came to my attention how organized
they are and all the super handy travel stuff they
have! And this shop is a little bit
about that.
Here I bought some things for  my make-up kit:
Spray bottles to carry rubbing alcohol and water, pump bottle for moisturizer etc.
They’re hygienic in use and they don’t
occupy much space in your kit
I also use this  for carrying shampoo and stuff
when traveling. I love it!
Look here if you wanna know what more cool stuff they have:
So there was nothing really Turkish about the things
I shopped haha just the location! 
We also had dinner there, that’s
 how we spend the first day of the year.