Makeup Brushes 101,pt5


Today’s topic: Bronzer / Highlight / Blush brushes.

Just a little reminder: by no means you need to buy all theses brushes or brands that I’m writing about. I just hope that by explaining  them to you it will narrow down your search.

  1. Ecotools Domed Bronzer  brush. It does the job but is a little on the big side and  I don’t find myself grabbing this one on a daily basis.
  2. Royal and Langnickel Bronzer C140. This is a round flat brush. It works really well, feels soft on the skin too. Picks up a good amount of product so you might want to keep that in mind.
  3. Real techniques contour brush. Personally I don’t like it this one for contouring. Somehow I get lost on my face when I use this brush for that. Love it for highlighting though!
  4. Zoeva 109/Luxe face paint brush. Now this one let’s you contour like a pro!!
  5. Fan brush (don’t remember the brand) I love fan brushes. They feel soft and are multi purpose. Great for highlight, but also great for a super pigmented blush. Do you own Rouge 79  by Chanel? Then try it with this brush!!
  6. Real techniques blush brush. This brush is humongous  for blush!! I like it beter for bronzer, as it is not as compact as an actual bronzer brush and on some days I just want a lighter hand.


  1. Zoeva 128/cream cheek. This one is great for contouring with cream products as it’s synthetic. The shape will pop out those cheekbones.
  2. Regular blush brush (don’t remember the brand). This is a proper shape for blush, not too big or too small and does the job. I would recommend getting one with natural hair as it will pickup the product beter.
  3. Crownbrush C405 contour blush. I mainly use this one with deeper colored blushes as it will contour at the same time.

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