A glance into the world of make up at TMS Berlin ’11

Whoops! I meant to write about my experience at The Make Up Show Berlin earlier. I see constant reminders on Facebook about the show so I thought it’s now or never!

I felt like a kid entering Disney world, there was make up everywhere!

My first stop was at the Crown Brushes booth:

Serious Brush Walhalla. It was really nice to be able to see and feel the brushes, now I am more confident in choosing brushes in their web shop.

Most of my brushes are by Crown. They have been the secret of the industry for a long time but are accessible to everybody now. I got my first batch of Crown Brushes through a special deal Kandee Johnson had for her fans a year ago. The are very affordable for the good quality they deliver.
At this booth I got to meet a well known MUA:
Koren Zander!!! From Enkore Makeup. He is so nice in person, I feel blessed having met 2 great American MUA’s in one year.
For me the most impressive booth at TMS was Make Up Forever:
 This Parisian professional make up brand has astonished me since I’ve known them. A classmate of mine had this in her kit and her homework pictures always showed such incredible flawless skin. Really impressive. They are a bit pricy so I just bought a foundation for my self to try it out and I became addicted to it.
So this was my TMS haul:
~ Beauty So Clean package deal
~ Make Up Forever HD foundation #127
~ Cinema Secrets palet + spatula, the lady at the booth convinced me by showing me how one looks like an artist using this. She also said that if I was going to leave with anything it should be their brush cleaner, which I didn’t but definitely keeping it in mind for next time.
~ Crown Brushes
~ Tweezers and scissors by Senna (American Brow Artist)
~ Last but not least: Koren Zander’s famous ring palette!
 Isn’t it cute?
My goal was to buy more tools then makeup as that was what I needed most.
Overall I had a great day, browsing through all the make up brands and following seminars.
TMS is accessible for professionals only but sometimes there are offers for non-professionals too so always look out for those!
I’m gonna leave you guys with my video impression:

A penny for your thoughts :)

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