Makeup Brushes 101, pt3


So it’s time for part three on makeup brushes with today’s topic: Concealer brushes.

  1. C425 Tapered Concealer by Crown Brush. This is flat brush, not my favorite for the job. It takes a while to ‘push’ the product into the skin and to remove the strokes.
  2. Detailer Brush by Real Techniques. Also a flat brush but due to it’s small size it works great on areas where a bigger brush doesn’t reach.
  3. Deluxe Crease Brush by Real Techniques. This one is round all over and it just glides super smoothly in the corner of the eye. It’s quite compact too, it doesn’t suck up all the product.
  4. 142/Concealer Buffer by Zoeva. Same as nr 3, only this one you can buy separately (nr.3 comes in a set)
  5. Setting Brush by Real Techniques. This one is obviously not a concealer brush but I added it to the picture because it finishes the concealer job. This soft brush is perfect for setting makeup with powder on small areas of the face.

Last but not least: the fingers. We tend to forget but our fingers are the best tools actually. The warmth of your fingers blend the product into your skin seamlessly. But then again this is not always possible when working on clients.

Want to know more about concealer? Check this must read.

Other interesting reads are part one and part two of these series.

Tell me your favorite concealer brushes! Have a great week lovelies!!


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