When You’re a tourist in Amsterdam


You know that moment when you are ¬†asked by your buddy’s from abroad: ” Hey we are coming to town for a few days, what are fun things to do?” And your mind just goes blank ———- because when you’re a local you don’t do all the things tourists do.
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Coffee: my comfort zone

Finally here’s my story about my love for (Starbucks) coffee!
But first we’re taking a detour to Trieste, Italy.¬†In the past I never really liked coffee because I found the taste so bitter and strong, I tried several types but I couldn’t find the right taste for me. Then about 5 years ago on my holiday in Italy I drank an espresso by illy in Trieste, where it is actually produced, and though it was a strong flavour for me I knew that this was good quality coffee I was tasting.