Coffee: my comfort zone

Finally here’s my story about my love for (Starbucks) coffee!
But first we’re taking a detour to Trieste, Italy. In the past I never really liked coffee because I found the taste so bitter and strong, I tried several types but I couldn’t find the right taste for me. Then about 5 years ago on my holiday in Italy I drank an espresso by illy in Trieste, where it is actually produced, and though it was a strong flavour for me I knew that this was good quality coffee I was tasting.
So I came back home with a stove top espresso maker and illy coffee and drank that until I started traveling more and entered the concept of Starbucks. I love it. For me to enter a Starbucks is to enter a comfort zone.
It’s not just about the coffee but the whole atmosphere. Norah Jones through the speakers, the smell of coffee and the comfy couches….aaaahhhh. I forget about the world instantly and have a moment to myself. I’m really more a Starbucks-chill-vibe addict then a coffee dependent. I only drink it once a day and not even daily. 
It also makes traveling special, up until a few years ago we didn’t have Starbucks in Holland. For now they are only at the airport and train stations. My point is: nothing better than feeling “at home” in a Starbucks when  you’re away. I am a lucky girl though working at the airport, I get to have this home-chill-vibe almost every work shift :).
In this picture you see one of the most beautiful Starbucks I’ve visited: Khao San Road in Bangkok. I bet a lot of backpackers know this place as it is known to be a street where a lot of them spent a day or two in between flights.
In the photo collection above you see pictures taken in: Dubai, New York, Dusseldorf, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Antalya. I love to take pictures of every Starbucks I visit. Also I collect these:
Love them! I have a few of their former collection as well but since this line came out I actually started collecting. Hmmm I guess Amsterdam/Netherlands is missing…..

Speaking of Amsterdam, if you’re a coffee lover you must go to Brandmeester coffee near Vondelpark. Check here for their stores. This is my ultimate comfort zone in the city. I’ve made it my American get away. I buy my trusted Latte at Brandmeester and I cross over to the park and have a walk with Norah Jones in my iPod  imagining that I’m in Central Park. As simple as that, it makes my day. 


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